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Education Credits

Objectives of the Training Program

At the completion of the each course, participants will be able to:

         Demonstrate a detailed understanding of the western pathophysiology of the most common diseases seen in a medical practice (with easily accessible notes for every disease discussed).

         Assess the history and physical presentation, as well as the laboratory studies, of patients with various medical diseases, enabling a correct assessment of whether or not to refer the patient to a western medical doctor for additional consultation.  

         Conduct a practice in which they have a clear understanding of their patientsí previous medical history, including medicines they may have taken or may be currently taking, and how these medications may interact with proposed TCM herbal treatments.  

         Demonstrate that they understand ways in which patients can benefit from a joint treatment program in a cooperative effort between medical doctors and the TCM practitioner.  

         Create proper medical records containing subjective and objective factors, and assessment and treatment plan, which can be sent back to the referring physician or managed care entity, benefiting the patient as well as the practitioner.  

         Comprehend disease and health from both the Chinese and the western medical standpoints, thus laying the foundation for a lifetime of additional learning, including a broad knowledge of the underlying principles behind all health and illness.  

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