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This beautifully designed two-color book is filled with over 100 detailed illustrations to help the reader better understand the material presented. Red-flag cases are included and clearly explained to help the practitioner decide when an immediate referral is necessary. The author, Dr. Bruce Robinson, is a Western MD who has studied in China and teaches biomedicine to practitioners of Chinese medicine on a regular basis. This book covers many Western diseases you will encounter and is clearly written for practitioners of Chinese medicine. With this textbook you will learn:

the clinical presentation and treatment of the major diseases seen in Western medical practice today
red-flag cases that need urgent referral to an MD or emergency room
how to confidently interact with Western medical practitioners
improved diagnostic skills and physical exam techniques
new scientific approaches for treating cardiovascular diseases and cancer


This book is another in Blue Poppy's series of books and courses on Western medicine designed specifically for the needs of acupuncturists. Less complex than Western medical or nursing books on physical examination, this small volume and its attached CD and website cover all areas of Western physical examination that are relevant to both the scope of practice and needs of practitioners of acupuncture and Asian medicine.
Within each chapter of the book are not only the basics of examination techniques and the implications of the possible findings, but also:    

      Quizzes and review exercises
      Problem-based case studies with questions
      In-class activity ideas for use in classrooms
      Extensive illustrations to help clarify the written material
      An appendix showing normal ranges for all common laboratory tests

The attached CD allows readers access to a website on which they will find:
     Videos of each type of exam covered in this book
     Links to other websites with audio demonstrations of both normal and abnormal heart and lung sounds
     Basic information on various classes of drugs your patients may be taking
     Explanations of imaging studies, radiology reports, and other types of relevant lab tests
     Answer keys for all quizzes and problem based learning exercise questions

If you are a practitioner of Asian medicine who works in a Western medical care setting, one who is required to communicate with Western care givers on a regular basis, or you simply wish to be sure your patient intakes and physical exams cover everything you need to know to give your patients the best quality of care, you need this book.

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